The Great Big Give Back

Today our play date moms helped other moms. New moms, nicu moms and moms that have lost. This play date has been planned for a while. We had no giveaways and no goodie bags. Today was about helping others and giving back to other moms. Today we made 100 care packages for moms. We had the kids color on the bags and they turned out adorable.

This play date was for me. It was to help me get through this week. I lost my daughter June 6th at 22 weeks pregnant and would have had her this week. Without @momcomoms and without my playdate group @eastendplaydates I’d be a mess. Those things have made the past four months better then what they would have been. They have kept me strong. This group has made me be the mom I know my Hailey would want me to be. We get moms out of the house every week and this week we made 100 care packages filled with all sorts of goodies. We will be giving 40 new mom and nicu bags to st.charles hospital, 40 new mom/nicu bags to stony brook hospital and 20 butterfly bags to stony brook hospital. We also collected pantry items and toiletries for the Ronald McDonald room at our local hospital. A HUGE thank you to the companies that helped make these bags amazing. @modernburlap , @babyganics , @babyganicsnyc , @mommysbliss , @upspringbaby , FatCo and InchBug. Thank you to @lifewaykefir For supplying the amazing smoothies and @unreal.snacks & @tryazon For supplying the snacks. @tryazon , I know this isn’t the intended party you wanted for the #unrealcandy But all the moms loved the candy. This play date had my whole heart, today was for Hailey. ūüíú

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Scavenger Hunt for kids!

We had an amazing play date on September 21. We did a “Scavenger Hunt” in the town of port Jefferson! We started at Smoke Shack Blues and traveled to Crazy Fish Bar and Gill , Yogo Delish, The Amazing Olive, Kilwins Port Jefferson, and East Main & Main ! We gave away tons of goodies including smoothies from Lifeway Kefir and pasta salad from Banza! Thank you Tryazon for sending it to us! We also had great giveaways all thanks to MomCo Moms which included sneeze sleeve from EttiKids , reusable sticker book from Petit Collage , gorgeous bid from Nest Designs , super amazing smelling shampoo and hair spray from Rock The Locks, back to school kids with Yumbox and Made In Nature snacks! We also had more amazing giveaways, a $25 gift card to InchBug, , free hair cut from Hair, Lash and Brow Loft , two pair leggings from Lularoe Kristen Trapani, adorable burp cloths from Young and Free Apparel! Thank

you again to everyone that made it out!! We had a blast!

If you haven’t tried banza yet, you should! And sign up for tryazon today! Best parties ever!!

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Family Pirate Night!

We had a blast at our end of the summer bash we hosted at Cedar Beach on September 1st. We had 150 parents and their kiddos for all sorts of fun. We had enough tortillas to feed everyone all thanks to Maria and Ricardo’s and Tryazon.

If you don’t know what Tryazon is, it is a site where you can review products with your friends for free!! I highly recommend it.

They send us 3 cases to share and 10 Avocado peelers to give to our guests. Since we had 150 ppl we used those as a giveaway along with some chips.

My son Jackson, as you can see, is a huge fan.

These tortillas are delicious. So light and airy, they beg to be dipped into guacamole. I absolutely love them.

We also had several other amazing other giveaways at our family night, including a $400 cedar swing set!!!

We also had a treasure hunt, decorated cupcakes and make ice cream sundaes. Needless to say to was a jam packed night and it was blast! Thank you to everyone for coming!!

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Orb Slime Time Party

On Thursday July 20th, I hosted a great play date with Orb Toys and Tryazon. If you don't know about Tryazon, it's a community where you can try and review amazing products for free. No catch. I love it. It's super easy to join and fun to host parties.

We hosted a "Totes & Toddlers" play date where we decorated tote bags, had snacks, giveaways and slime! The kids were so excited about the slime. I ended up giving the slime gun away because the kiddos loved it so much. I would have to say that was the biggest hit. And moms, don't be scared, it wasn't scary slime in the gun like double dare or anything. Hahaaa

The slime over all was great. Non-Toxic, easy to play with and clean. Not messy at all.
We even put the super stretchy slime to the test and spread it over 7 toddlers!! The kids loved that.

I would totally recommend this company and product. Super fun. Even my 16 month old loved playing with it. Thanks again #orbtoys and #tryazon for sending me these great products to share with my mom friends and kiddos!


Stars and Stripes Play date!!

I run a play date group called “East End Play Dates” with my good friend Emily and we recently hosted a Forth of July Tie dye play date.  We had crafts, snacks, and giveaways. We also had amazing relish from Forth creek foods. 

The relish was sent to me by Tryazon. If you don’t know Tryazon, you need to. It’s amazing. You can sign up to host these amazing parties all for free and all you have to do is post about it on your social. Very easy.

The relishes were awesome. I made them into two dips. Both cream cheese based. One just with cilantro with the hint of habanero red pepper relish on top.  And the other was cream cheese mixed with maple bacon and carmelized onions with the sweet red pepper relish on top.  The adults abd some kiddos went crazy for it. 

We had about 150 attendees and even for that amount it went really smooth. We just played on the field then we did our shirts. Which was a lot easier then we thought it would be. Everyone had to come with it prepared so it was super easy and fast to do. 

We also had Lifeway Kefir send us 150 Probiotic yogurts to give to the kiddos and they loved it! It was a great healthy snack that they loved. 

Overall it was a great day! Can’t wait till the next one! Thanks again to Tryazon and Forth creek foods!!!
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Full Circle Tryabox Review

I recently received another amazing box from Tryazon. Tryazon is an amazing community where you get to try products for free and share with your friends! 

This box came from their #tryabox section and it was from full circle. You can find them at 

There ice cube infuser is amazing. You can squeeze lemons and limes right into the tray and put in your water bottle. No fuss!

The gloves were so comfy and great to use. The storage bags are amazing and perfect for just about anything. Perfect for a set bag to use in your diaper bag and the bottle brush is great for baby bottles and just about any water bottle. 
I love this company and what they stand for and their products are amazing. I can’t wait to purchase their coffee cup. Hubs is going to be happy!!! 
#tryabox #fullcircle #tryazon 

ibaby M6S Tryazon Party

Last week we had a fabulous play date at the Harbor Front Park in Port Jefferson, NY.  We did crafts, had snack and loads of giveaways.  I also brought with me the ibaby M6S baby monitor that was sent to me from Tryazon. 

If you haven’t heard of them, Tryazon sends you free products to review abd share with your friends!  Try are amazing g abd you should totally sign up. 

I received this monitor and it’s everything we were looking for.  It is connected through your wifi so you view your baby through an app on your phone.  What I love about this is, you can see your baby no matter where you are.  You can be miles upon miles away and you can still check on your little one.  It also show the temperature and humidity of the room.  As well as play music to soothe baby to sleep.  It is so light weight and so easy to instal. Takes seriously minutes. 
I showed all my mama friends how light weight it was and then I spoke about how much I loved it!  We then took our teddy bear for a “nap” while we watched them through my phone.  I couldn’t take pictures, cause well they had my phone but the kiddos loved looking in on their bears. 
As I’m typing this, I’m currently listening to my baby sleep.  The ibaby M6S also has great feature like video recording. It captures video when there is movement. I personally had to change the sensivity because I was getting a lot of videos! Hahaa! 

I honestly love love love this monitor and if it weren’t for Tryazon I probably would have never heard of them. Thank you so much to Tryazon and ibaby for my awesome monitor!!! 

Teddy Bear Picnic Day!

On Friday May 19th we hosted an awesome Teddy Bear Picnic at the Port Jefferson Harbor.  By we, I mean East End Play Dates.  East End Play Dates or EEPD as my partner Emily has been referring to it as, is a play date group on Long Island that hosts free play dates with snacks, beverages, crafts and tons of giveaways.

Emily and I just before the day reached 1000 degrees…..
For this play date we had some great giveaways.  My favorite was the Smore’s Maker by Sterno products.  I’m a huge smore’s fan, being a Girl Scout alumni and all (patting myself on the back currently).  This maker came with a sterno pack, two tongs to roast the marshmallows and the tray itself. I loved the tray because it kept things very neat and organized. The kids loved it because they could make them just the way they wanted and they could safely make them as well. No big scary fire pit.  That was a big perk as well. I bought the Square marshmallows which I highly recommend. That we’re awesome and perfectly fit the graham crackers. It was hotter than hot out so it froze the chocolate before hand so it didn’t melt so fast.  

We had several mommy’s and kiddos attend our play date so I made some smores in advance. We also did a name your teddy bear craft and we made honey comb necklaces.  

The 60 plus mamas and kiddos that attended really just we’re happy they we’re out doing something. That’s what it’s about really. Just being with other people and not feeling alone. We love hosting our llaydates and can’t wait for the next one!!!
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Eat Well Be Well Voxbox by Influenster Review

I have been a member of Influenster for a little over a year now. ¬†If you don’t know about influenster, it is a review community where they send you free products for your honest opinion. These are called vox boxes.I’ve been very fortunate to be sent several vox boxes.

My latest box was the #eatwellbewell vox box. ¬†Inside the box was free product coupons for Udi’s Gluten Free, EVOL frozen foods and Earth’s Balance. ¬†Also in the box was a notebook, recipe cards and a bag of Glutino Gluten Free pretzels.

With the product coupons I purchased Coconut and Peanut Spread by Earths Balance, Pepperoni Pizza by Udi’s Gluten Free and Chilpotle Mac and Cheese by EVOL frozen foods. ¬†Every product was delicious. ¬†I would have to say I enjoyed the Mac and cheese by EVOL the best. ¬†It tasted just as cheesy as regular Mac and cheese. ¬†It also didn’t taste like card board like some other brands.

The pepperoni pizza by Udi’s Gluten free was good but not my favorite. I’m a fluffy pizza kind of person and not a crunchy thin crust person.

The Glutino pretzel were a great snack. I would like more salt on them but that’s because I’m a salt addict.

Last was the Coconut and Peanut Spread by Earth’s Balance. It was fantastic. Perfect amount of crunch and for a plant based product, it tasted just like real peanut buttery goodness.

I would recommend all of the products o tried and of course I recommend for you to join Influenster. ¬†Who doesn’t love free stuff?!?! This mama does. Till next time…